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Comox Town Council - Vivienne Webster


thank you for your email.  Unfortunately, I do not know how to answer your question.  I certainly understand the concerns, because I live on what is considered a main arterial road in the valley.  I am as concerned about the problem as you are.  I would certainly welcome any input you can give me that would educate me a little bit, and do everything I am able to do to support public safety.  in fact, that is one of my concerns on my election brochure.  I am concerned with the crosswalks being almost invisible at night or in fog and think we need to have flashing lights at every crosswalk.

So any information you can give me that will be useful for me and that I can support would be very helpful indeed.

I am sorry I could not be more specific, but you will understand that there are a myriad of concerns out there regarding safety.  Please send me any literature you can, so that I may incorporate it into my platform

Thank you again for your your interest

Vivienne Webster


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