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SD #71 - Meredith Starkey

Thank you for your question! This is a topic very near and dear to my heart 
as I spent five years as a planner with TransLink in Metro Vancouver.
Historically we have dealt with increased traffic volumes by building more/wider roads. Unfortunately, this type of solution only produces short term improvements, not to mention the high cost and environmental impact. Some road building may be necessary at times, but I'd rather see investment in making alternative modes of travel more viable for more people. In the case of trips to school, this means participation in bike to work/school weeks, the creation of a ride share network to connect potential car pools and active transport school "bus" groups, and inviting organizations such as yours to come and lead youth workshops on safe cycling. Additionally, it means ensuring that our schools are equipped to accommodate active modes, for instance having bike racks available to students.
Lastly, and this is a big one, it means doing what we can to keep community schools open so more kids can walk or bike to school.
Thanks again for your question! I'm happy to answer additional questions and to hear from your members

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