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Courtenay City Council - Stu Macinnis

Thank you for your question it's one that I feel strongly about. Up until about three years ago I hadn't owned a vehicle in ten years. For those ten years I both cycled and used public transportation to get around.

Each year as our community experiences heavier traffic volumes I think that our city council has a responsibility to ensure that effort is made to deal with the problems that this creates. 

I feel that bike lanes are a way of tackling this problem, also I think that our council can do more to encourage the use of public transit.

Both by increasing the number of transit stops, and the infrastructure of those stops(ie.benches,shelters), but perhaps also a discount for long term bus passes,(ie, three months, six months, a year)

Although the question has been brought to me by others I'm not sure how the logistics of a third crossing of the Puntledge river would work. I think that some extensive studies would have to be undertaken to see if that investment is worth the cost.

I also think  that a walking/bike path similar to the Galloping Goose trail in Victoria is also an idea that should be looked into.

I thank you again for your question.

Have a fantastic day.

                      Kindest Regards,

                                                  Stu MacInnis

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