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Director CVRD C - Edwin Grieve

We know that the population in the Comox Valley is going to grow by about 30% over the next 20 years. We are putting our efforts into shifting how people get around in the valley. We know that approximately 80% of all cars on the road are occupied by the driver only. We are trying to shift transportation patterns away from that trend towards transit, cycling and pedestrian, by offering better transportation infrastructure in the rural areas.

The Transportation Road Network Plan, completed in Fall 2014, will be implemented by an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, (MoTI) who holds the mandate to build transportation infrastructure. In the follow up to this plan and through our agreement we will be encouraging MoTI to build better cycling lanes, using separated lanes in some key priority areas, and better walking trails so that people in the rural areas have more choices, safer choices and healthier choices. We have also just completed the BC Transit Futures Plan and it proposes better routes that will increase ridership over time. Finally, our land use plans are discouraging rural sprawl, and nurturing growth in key areas that can help support better active transportation infrastructure by directing growth to key areas so that a threshold can grow to support this alternative infrastructure. We have also developed new street network guidelines that will ensure that new subdivision provide a road network that is linked and enables cyclists and walkers to make their way through neighborhoods, without ending up on dead end streets of areas where they have to turn around. Our rural directors, like the coalition, are working to get people out of their cars for at least some of the time.

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