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Cumberland Village Council - Jesse Ketler

The two bridges act as bottle necks in our traffic flow. If a third bridge for vehicle traffic is not feasible or palatable then what about a dedicated bridge for pedestrian and cyclists? This would encourage people to use other modes of transportation and reduce traffic.
We can look to bigger cities for ideas on how they have reduced traffic volumes. In Montreal, they have a great program called Bixi-bike that lets people rent a bike (using a credit card) at a stall at one location then return the bike to another stall near their destination. This program has been very successful and I think a similar service in the Comox Valley would be beneficial to both residents and visitors.
Taxi service in Comox Valley is very expensive and it discourages people from giving up car ownership. In many cities now there are car sharing programs. Currently the valley has Island Rideshare which is a website for people to post needed or offered rides. This current program can be expanded upon to increase available services. Other programs that could be offered include monthly fees for participates to receive an allotted time per month for use of a car. Or taxi-like services where a person becomes a member of a service and requests rides through the use of a phone app that has GPS capability and is pay per use but lower cost than regular taxi (an example of this service is Uber offered in many US cities and currently being considered in Vancouver).

Kind regards,
Jesse Ketler
Candidate for Cumberland Council

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