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Cumberland Village Council - Roger Albert

I don’t believe the answer lies in more and bigger arterial roads. A better and safer way for cyclists to come and go from Cumberland into Courtenay is much needed. Cumberland Road between the interchange and 4th Street needs bicycle lanes. We also need to improve transit and that doesn’t mean raising fares. Problem is we’re quite spread out in the valley. The busses that travel between Cumberland and the rest of the Valley are underused in my opinion. We have to fight the idea that public transit is a subsidy for the poor and we have to educate people into using busses as a viable transportation option. That’s not easy. I don’t use the busses myself because it’s much more convenient to just jump into my vehicle when I need to get anywhere. The automobile is so entwined in our lives that giving it up seems ridiculous to most folks. Still, we don’t need more and bigger roads. And you know what? Yes, we are experiencing heavier traffic volumes but we’re nowhere near experiencing gridlock. Planning is the key to a reasonable and balanced approach to transportation issues. There are ways of improving traffic flows on existing roads. I wrote the Comox Valley Social Planning Society’s 2014 Quality of Life Report available at cvsocialplanning.ca. I deal with transportation in that report.
Roger Albert

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