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Comox Town Council - Barbara Price

Thank you for your question.
Here is my response.

I've lived in my Comox home for over 30 years and have seen a vast increase in vehicular traffic particularly at peak times. We need to get more people out of their cars and using alternative transportation. I support improving public transit and making our roadways safer for all users whether through bike lanes, off road linkages or 'share the road' signage. As a founding and active member of the Comox Valley Cycling Task Force, I support the work of the Public Advisory Committee and value their advice in identifying safety issues.

Reducing congestion prior to making decisions on expensive infrastructure additions such as more roads, is economically responsible as well as environmentally sound.

Getting out of our cars and using self propulsion, not only saves the planet, it saves our selves. Obesity is sky rocketing as is diabetes.

On a personal note, I include an endorsement.

'Barbara is committed to safe travel for everyone. She helped to bring Active School Travel Planning to Comox. She has my vote.' James Taylor, Joint Chair of the Cycling Public Advisory Committee.

Barbara Price
Seeking Re-election to Comox Council

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