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SD #71 - Jeany Kane

To answer your question : Comox Valley is definitely getting heavier traffic volumes and I had to check and find out what this answer was with the BCSTA. I didn’t really know we had a problem and my answer is that I would have to find out from each school what kind of safety practices are in place. I know there are bike safety programs in the elementary schools but I am not aware of how well they are being implemented and if every grade gets this program. I think the bike safety issue is very important but in regards to heavier traffic flow I believe we have to lobby for better bike lanes and safer traffic flow around our schools. I am very happy with the advances already made in Comox but I do see some room for improvement. Courtenay is sadly lacking in bike lanes and safety will be more of an issue there. In my way of thinking, the way of the future is scooters, bikes and electric cars. To go forward we need to address these issues and I applaud you and your group for being forward thinkers. If I am voted in I would like to sit down with your group to see where you are thinking of in regards to this problem because I was not aware and this does pose an important issue with our students in this community. My big issue in this election is that our community needs to have more input in where we live. My whole platform is that I want to LISTEN. I want to hear from other groups and organizations on what they feel are important issues. I want to help solve these problems in the four years I am running, so please encourage everyone you know to vote and thank you again for the email.

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