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Courtenay City Council - Doug Hillian

Thanks for this opportunity to comment on how we can deal with increasing traffic volumes.

My vision is a community where we focus on moving people rather than moving vehicles; where new and existing development is pedestrian and cyclist friendly; where transit is effective and well-used; and where we find ways to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels to promote individual health, a more liveable community and to combat climate change.

The City's 25 year transportation plan reflects these goals with it's emphasis on multi-modal solutions, increased density and complete streets. I believe we need to improve our transit system while at the same time encouraging ridership. This is particularly important with an aging population – people will not start to ride the bus in their senior years unless they have developed the habit while younger. While we clearly need to maintain our roads to assure smooth travel for all modes, building more bridges and roads with cars in mind will result in more cars on those roads and bridges. We need to gradually change the car-centric mind set to a multi-modal approach with our policy and our practice.

I also support:
- encouraging workplace incentives to take transit and carpool;
- expandinging the School District's active travel program;
- traffic calming in neighbourhoods and policy that new development is pedestrian/cycling friendly;
infilling and increased density, particularly close to downtown/shopping hubs, to enable walking and reduce commutes;
- passive roundabouts to help reduce congestion at intersections and reduce accidents - very expensive to build, so we need to push senior governments to direct infrastructure spending into sustainable transportation initiatives;
- cycling recognized as a legitimate means of transportation and investment in cycling infrastructure (routes, lanes and separate paths) promoted as a key element of managing traffic flow by making cycling a safer alternative and thereby increasing ridership;
- make the third crossing a pedestrian/cycling bridge.

I have advocated for these approaches at Courtenay Council and hope to continue to do so with your collaboration and support.


Doug Hillian

Reader Comments (1)

What a thorough and comprehensive response Mr. Hillian makes. It is refreshing to see a local politician who is knowledgeable on this topic. We could use a few more Mr. Hillians in local govt. Then, perhaps we could make meaningful progress instead of spending seven years of lobbying to get the damn bike lanes on Fitzgerald!

November 10, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAndy Reddekop

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