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Director CVRD A - Dan Lisch

We live in a rural area where the main arterial road is the Old Island Hwy. I have 2 children in elementary school-one at Royston El and one at Navigate/Nides. I have walked my daughter to Royston mostly along the highway several times (45min) but do not feel this is a safe or enjoyable option. My other daughter I have to drive out to Tsolum campus at least once a week as there is no transit available. When we lived in Courtenay, my wife was an avid bike commuter. However, biking on the highway in the wet, dark winter months is too stressful and so her bike sits collecting cobwebs. I recall an article about planning bike routes in major that said for a route to be well utilized you would have to be comfortable taking your 4 year old child or your 80 year old grandma on it.

While I understand that the main focus is on the congested areas in Courtenay/Comox, it is essential that routes like the Galloping Goose, the Rotary Sea Walk in CR or the Airpark be planned into our infrastructure in the rural areas as well. While this would help decrease traffic congestion and get our citizens more active, there could also be a huge economic benefit through tourism. With our wineries and farms and incredible scenery, we should be able to promote bike tours to rival Europe.

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