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David Frisch - Courtenay Council

Thanks for asking!

Cycling in the Comox Valley is not only becoming more popular, but in fact, presents a significant opportunity to improve the health, wellbeing, and quality of our lives.

The vision I support, includes a network of trails and bike lanes that encourage people of all ages and all abilities to safely travel by bike to school, work, shopping centres, and social hubs. Bike lanes should be protected from traffic on busy streets and would be shared with other alternate travellers, like people using mobility scooters.

My intention is for Council to adopt a 10 year plan to guide staff in budgeting and partnering with the B.C. government's bike bc grant program to implement the construction of both permanent and temporary bike lanes throughout the city.

I will also continue to work with the Integratyed Regional Transport Select Committee to connect Courtenay to surrounding communities with bike lanes and multi-use pathways.

David Frisch

Councillor, City of Courtenay

Chair, Integrated Regional Transportation Select Committee


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