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Tom Diamond - Comox Mayoral

Thank you for your question.

I believe more and varied transportation options are key to a more vibrant and environmentally friendly future for Comox.

I see a much more ambitious network of off-road pathways that make cycling, walking and scooters – multi-modal transportation – safer and more practical options for commuting and general transportation.

I also see a larger public transit system that will help take the pressure off of vehicle traffic, keeping roadways safer for bicycles, and helping make life in the valley more affordable and accessible to all income levels.

I would also like to coordinate with the other municipalities and the regional district to create a better system of longer range bike paths that connect the whole valley. This could be a real plus for tourism as well as local riders.

Can you envision a cycling circuit that starts in Royston, continues  along a well-groomed ocean side bike path separated from motor vehicle roads, that travels all the way to Comox? Imagine when riders get to Comox hill, they put their bikes on a funicular lift that transports them up the steep hill. Then riders continue to the marina where they board a ferry that takes them across our spectacular bay and right back to their car in Royston! This would be a fantastic family-friendly activity and tourism revenue-generating opportunity.

I see a big role in the future of Comox for cycling as a sport, as a commuting option, and as a tourism feature.

Please help me bring this exciting future to Comox by supporting me on voting day, Saturday October 20, 8am to 8pm at the Comox recreation center.

Thank you,


Dr. Tom Diamond

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