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Alex Bissinger - Comox Council

Cycling is a great mode of transportation for so many of us in Comox as it is economical, environmentally friendly, and contributes to making our community healthier. The potential for cycling in the Town of Comox is significant. 

In a 2011 Community Survey completed for the Town of Comox Transportation Study it was learned that 57 percent of the respondents lived within 5 km of work or school, a cycleable distance for riders of most abilities. However, a key barrier to cycling that was identified is the lack of bike lanes and interestingly, the creation of bike facilities and cycling connectivity was rated as the highest priority of all transportation initiatives.

As Councillor I would ensure the Town of Comox implement as many of the recommendations and projects from the Transportation Study as possible including:

  • ensuring appropriate infrastructure is provided
  • increasing quantity and quality of bike parking
  • looking at connectivity of bike routes
  • bike lanes that meet standards in terms of width and delineation
  • considering ease of combining cycling with other modes of transportation (walking and transit) 
  • amendment to zoning bylaw to promote bicycle supportive facilities (showers and change rooms at offices or stores of more than 10 staff)
  • partner with local bike shops and cycling groups to create "cycling 101" workshops to promote safety and cycling best practices 

The priority for the Town is to develop a sustainable community as outlined in the updated OCP. One of the main principles of a sustainable community, for Comox, is the promotion of cycling, which I absolutely support.

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