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Doug Hillian - Courtenay Council

Thanks for the opportunity to respond.

As a cyclist myself and a regular participant in events like Bike to Work week, I regret that we have made so little progress in developing cycling infrastructure in Courtenay. Although I advocated for the bike lanes on Fitzgerald and the separated lanes in our Complete Street pilot project on 5th (which thankfully is nearing completion), we’ve been unsuccessful implementing more lanes to date apart from a few limited sites. We have supported the Rotary trail and maintained the river walkway, but we need to do more.

I am hopeful that the Transportation Master Plan, as intended, will map out a comprehensive cycling network along with a timetable for implementation. We will then be better positioned to allocate budget amounts and seek further grant funding. I see cycling infrastructure as a regular feature in future City budgets, while we also work for more bike parking where required as well as lock up facilities to encourage more cycling commuters.

Of note, City staff and Council members have met on several occasions with officials from the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to assure that projects like the North Courtenay Connector Bridge have a cycling lane, to advocate for separated cycling lanes on the potential widening of our bridges and the Hwy 19 bypass, and for improved pedestrian and cycling access on Ryan Road. It will be important to maintain such advocacy as these projects move forward.

I appreciate the work of the CVCCo and, if privileged to serve again, look forward to the opportunity to work together over the next four years.

Doug Hillian

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