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Arzeena Hamir - CVRD B

Thanks for the opportunity to put forward ideas. 

I must say, however, that these are not all from me. I have asked friends and family who cycle much more than I do to help me with ideas. If I get elected, I would hope the CVRD would work with the CVCC in a similar way. You are the experts around what needs to be done for cycling infrastructure in the valley.

Improved safety

  • Adopt policies and standards that require CVRD planners to consider designing roadway improvements to be used safely by all users including bicyclists, pedestrians, transit vehicles, truckers, and motorists
  • Strengthen police enforcement in areas where high frequency automobile / cycling / pedestrian conflict occurs
  • Work to reduce the speed limit on roads within the CVRD where there are no shoulders or barrier (such as Coleman Road, Bates Beach, Headquarters and Little River Rd) to: reduce from 80 kph to a speed safer for pedestrians, cyclists & motorists)
  • Work with the CVCC to provide even more safe cycling training for both students and adults.

 Improved Infrastructure

  • Work with CVCC and an organization like NIC to collect data on cycling activities in the CV in order that planning, priority setting & decision making can take place with good information. Using that information we can then install better pedestrian and cyclist facilities, such as marked crosswalks, pedestrian crossing islands, and separated bike lanes
  • Time to reconsider the 6th st. pedestrian bridge

 Thanks again and I look forward to working with the CVCC in the future

 Arzeena Hamir

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