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Eduardo Uranga - Cumberland Mayoral

I personally am a cycling enthusiast and own a mountain bike and a recumbent bicycle, I wish I had the physical fitness and the body parts intact to always use them. I lived in Whistler and Squamish, where you know, biking is king. Cumberland could become something similar without too much effort.

  • Have a Park-and-ride parking lot at the entrance of the Village of Cumberland, so people visiting can leave their vehicle there and proceed to the trails or just cycle around the Village without having to worry about where to park and causing congestion. It will make riding a bicycle in Cumberland much safer and less congested. This area will also provide the option for RVing and camping facilities at a very reasonable price.
  • Reduced Bicycle rental at the Park&Ride sponsored by the Village on a cost recovery basis for visitors to encourage them to leave their car there.
  • Complete the bike lane on Cumberland Road that ends abruptly at the Gas and Go gas station, to join the other bike lane at Dunsmuir St.
  • Contract an in-depth study on how to separate pedestrian and bicycle traffic on the trails so there is no conflict on who has the right of way and will prevent the unfortunate incident of a collision between a bicycle and a pedestrian.
  • Build a pedestrian/bicycle lane from the Park&Ride to the Village avoiding all the main roads, especially Cumberland Rd. so riding into town is done safely and without the concern of having a car next to the rider.
  • The Village of Cumberland will be a World Class Mountain Biking destination and promote tourism to the Comox Valley, including international promotion campaigns, and work with the local residents to create a pool of accommodation options for people interested in staying more that one day
  • Alternative transportation into Courtenay with an electric bicycle share station at the Park&Ride, so people can use them instead of their cars to go into Courtenay without having to face the 7 km uphill pedaling, it should be on a cost recovery basis, sponsored by the Village of Cumberland.
  • I will establish a network of people that commute into Courtenay in their car every day for a Ride-Share program, so several people can go and come back from work, taking turns for driving, with the meeting place at the Park&Ride.
  • The big one is to propose the closing of Dunsmuir St. from First St. to Fourth St. on weekends to cars so pedestrians and bicycles move around safely and freely.
  • Cumberland will be a bicycle minded town.

Eduardo Uranga



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