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Will Cole-Hamilton - Courtenay Council

I have been a committed cyclist for decades.  I cycle to work most days and take great pleasure in getting around the city by bike. 

I thank the the CVCC for taking a lead role in teaching cycling safety.  As a member of City Council I would like to work with the CVCC to find out how the City can assist in promoting and supporting this valuable contribution to public safety.  

I see the Transportation Master Plan as an opportunity to ensure that cycling infrastructure is a central part of our transportation planning.  The Plan focuses on multi-modal transportation (cycling, walking, mobility scooters, transit and private vehicles).  I will work to ensure that the final Plan provides safe options for all residents to get around.  I also want to work actively with the federal and provincial governments to ensure that Courtenay takes full advantage of any funding available to support future improvements to cycling infrastructure.

Overall, I see supporting cycling as win-win-win - it reduces traffic, keep residents active and healthy and saves the city money (bikes require less infrastructure per trip, and are less hard on the infrastructure they do use thus reducing the need for maintenance and repair).  

Thanks to the CVCC for the work that you do for our community.

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