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Bob Wells - Courtenay Mayoral 

Since moving to Courtenay I have cycled as much as possible and have instilled in our children not just the joy of cycling but also the independence it gives them. I have had the opportunity to volunteer for the iRide program and truly appreciate its focus on skills and the rules of the road while still being fun.

Over the past four years we have looked for opportunities within our infrastructure renewal program where bike lanes and cycling paths could be created or enhanced.  I look forward to our Complete Street project which should be finished by the end of October to sit as an example of not only what can be done, but how much it costs to do it. As part of my work over the past 4 years lobbying senior levels of government for grants, I support a National Cycling Strategy with funds attached to it to create a sustainable funding model for all infrastructure projects.

Courtenay has a Transportation Master Plan under way that will create a road-map for multi-modal transportation infrastructure in Courtenay. I think it is important for the Cycling Coalition and other organizations to keep council informed and engaged, as well as work with other partners in our community to find opportunities for success.

Bob Wells

  Mayoral Candidate

  • Comox Valley Regional District Director
  • Comox Valley Water Committee Chair
  • Comox Valley Regional District Vice Chair
  • North Island 911 Corporation
  • Leader of Startup Comox Valley


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