Question: “Given the increasing prevalence in our Valley of both recreational cycling and cycling as commuting, how will you work to increase safety and improve infrastructure for cyclists?”


Gwyn Sproule - Cumberland Council

The Village of Cumberland is putting in bicycle lanes whenever there is a road construction project. So in the past two years we have a bicycle friendly route into Cumberland and several blocks of the Main Street have bicycle lanes on each side. There is a 2 lane bike path going from the CRI parking lot into the forest.

The majority of the route to Courtenay down the Parkway is in the hands of MoT. We can encourage to regularly sweep the road shoulder.



Murray Presley - Courtenay Council

Encourage the CVCC0 to keep sending their recommendations to CV local governments to review and coordinate with other local governments and act on them.


Rodney Nichol - CVRD B


Both my wife and I cycle and live out in the Bates Beach area.  For the most part traffic is very respectful, however I am sure there is a very small percentage that try and get as close to a Cyclist as they can when they drive bye.  Very alarming I must say.  

I spoke with MOTI about widening Colemen, Bates, Waveland Roads.  They stated the cost is 1 million per Km to achieve their standards.  

The Motor Vehicle Act could be amended to severely penalize drivers that do not keep a safe distance from cyclist.  Education is a big part of the safety issue most, kids are given a bike and with little instruction turned loose.  

I would like all new roads built with cyclists in mind.  I am open to ideas (I certainly do not have all the answers) to find ways to raise awareness for drivers, high Vis clothing for cyclists, building up funds to slowly work on cycle routes in the rural areas.  

We have a huge disadvantage in the rural communities due to the distance between places and the cost.  MOTI does not seem to have the money to maintain our roads now.  

That is my rant for now but this subject is on my mind especially when I feel a car go by me and the air movement nearly puts you into the ditch.    




Tom Grant - Courtenay Council

Thanks for the question. Council should work with your group, the experts, and try and formulate a strategy to increase safety and awareness of cyclists.

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