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The Story Behind the CVCCo Newsletters

In December of 2015, Terry Bourque started writing the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition (CVCCo) Newsletter. As of March 2018, we have 28 CVCCo newsletters.

How it Started - As a board member, Terry was very aware of all the good work being done by the CVCCo board and its volunteer members. Terry thought it was important to share this information with our general membership.

The Bike Topics - The monthly newsletter encapsulates what the CVCCo has been doing the previous month; however, Terry also adds some interesting cycling stories and articles. Cycling Coalition news and bike topics have included:

  • Updates on our AGM and other meetings
  • Christmas bicycle gifts and activities
  • Cycling tours and other fun bike rides submitted by our members
  • Comox Valley Event Bike Lock-Ups with our bike parking equipment
  • Cycling safety tips
  • Formal Cycling Education – The Comox Valley Cycling Coalition Bike Rodeos and Urban cycling skills courses offered in our region.

The list continues to grow.

Terry's Intended Audience - Our monthly newsletter is available for our membership, but Terry also wishes to encourage the members of the public to read it too. It is a way to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we contribute to the Comox Valley community we call home.

Where the Newsletters are Located - Terry's newsletters can be found on this website by clicking on "Files" in the navigation bar on the right OR use this CVCCo Newsletter link.

A behind the scenes look at Terry's production of the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition's monthly newsletter can be viewed below.

Spread the Joy of Cycling by letting others know about our growing collection of newsletters.


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