A Jolly Christmas Bike


A Jolly Christmas Bike


December is a festive month.  It is when we prepare for the holiday season ahead.   Each day the scene of Christmas lights multiply and joyfully create the feeling of brighter nights as we anticipate the shortest day of the year.   We also start to think about what special gifts we can find for our friends and family.  

This year we wanted to help you out by showing you some gift ideas that will keep your favourite person on a bike bright, festive and safe.   Our December newsletter is filled with fun and vibrant ideas, so check it out:

If you want to give a gift that gives twice, choosing one of the lights or reflective gear options might be a good choice for you. People driving a car appreciate highly visible bike riders and pedestrians. It is scary when someone seems to appear out of nowhere, because they blend into the dark nights. In that way, reflective clothing and waterproof bike lights can be a jolly gift of safety to your loved one on a bike and a jubilant gift of visibility for their fellow road users.

Let’s celebrate with lights and enjoy the Holiday Season in a safe and festive way:



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In the News - CV Record - 9 Aug 17

Marg Harris, our President wrote to the CV Record Editor. A reporter read the letter and intereviewed Marg about the issue with the repaving of our roads in the valley.

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New Video - Bike Rodeo

As you all know, we are very involved in Bicycle Rodeos all across the Comox Valley.

Ecole Robb Road was one of the last ones.

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June Newsletter - Cycling the Rivers of South Korea

Long time members of the CVCCo, Julie an dRick Howel share their memorable journey through South Korea, south to north, during an early April.

Enjoy the read --- and the ride.